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Current Rank and Level of Fleet

whoisthedaddy, Aug 4, 11 5:14 PM.
Right now we are  a level 7, that's right, level 7 Fleet.  We need 1,196 Fleet points to lvl up to 8.  You'll also be pleased to know that we are no longer ranked 44 but have jumped to rank 42, just less than 80 points from the next placed fleet Rippingpigs.  Espana Fly are our next big target only about 120 FP away from us.  We can soon catch them and take rank 40.

Well done guys and keep up the good work.


whoisthedaddy, Jul 29, 11 2:31 PM.
29/7/11  - Teamspeak server and website go online
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Welcome to the Grim_Reapers' fleet page

Here we will be posting info about anything to do with future fleet events/competitions and also any info we find about game events and promotions.  There is a fully functioning forum for questions, sales and any other stuff you can think of, as well as a who's who in the fleet.

A big thank-you to all who have made the beginnings of this fleet a strong and enjoyable endeavour and we (the Officers) hope you enjoy being part of what we hope will be a strong and fruitful fleet.  In the coming months we intend to have a few in-fleet competitions for members and also hope to expand our ranks even further as we level up together.

We have a teamspeak server running on my own PC which is on most of the time and should easily cope with the extra load.

Can all members please make an entry on the forum's 'who's who' section just to give a bit of an introduction to the other fleet members.  You don't need to go into any detail but a little bit about yourself (nationality, languages spoken, etc) would be nice to know.

New members are always welcome and it's not just up to the officers to recruit.  Only officers can invite directly to fleet and approve applications, but anyone can persuade somebody to register with the fleet and we hope to see many more new faces in the near future as we level the fleet up even further.  Don't forget we only level the fleet up by playing together.

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